Volunteer and Donate

Community participation and a steady cash flow are essential for any group to function and Empty Cages Los Angeles is no different. Please read the information below to see how you can help ECLA.


Participation in the campaigns that we work on and the events that we organize is the most important way to support ECLA. Whether we are heading out to a political prisoner letter-writing party or protesting the transportation of animals for scientific experimentation, we need you out on the streets with us raising your voice for animals.

The backbone of any campaign is its dedicated and unwavering supporters. No matter what set of skills you have, there is something that you have to offer. Passing out literature, educating, hold signs, or agitating are all ways in which you can make a difference in animals’ lives.

Are you up-to-date with what ECLA is doing? Please visit our Events and Calendar pages. Be the first to know about upcoming opportunities to help animals by signing up for the Empty Cages LA e-mail list here.


donationsDo you find yourself short on time to spend fighting for animals? You can still support our efforts by donating much-needed funds to our campaigns! Donation is simple and can be done by visiting our PayPal page, listed below. All proceeds will go directly into funding our effort to end animal exploitation.

If you would like more information on specific items or projects that ECLA needs funding for, please visit our Contact page.


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