Interview with Tyler Lang about ECLA

Exclusive interview with Tyler Lang of “Empty Cages LA” for Splash Magazines Worldwide.
Currently Tyler is being held in a Rural Louisianan jail and needs your support!
Please visit Support Kevin and Tyler  for more information.

China Southern Office Invasion

On Wednesday, July 10th activists from Empty Cages Los Angeles invaded the offices of China Southern Airlines located at 6300 Whilshire Blvd. Suite #1510, Los Angeles, CA 90048.
As the one of the last airlines willing to ship primates to labs in North America and Europe, they have become a top priority for LA based activists.

El-Al Airlines Protest

Activists gathered in front of El-Al Airline’s Los Angeles office after the airline broke their promise to no longer ship animals for experimentation. Several days after this demonstration, El-Al kept its word and refused to transport a shipment of primates from Mazor Farms in Israel. Thank you to El-Al for making the compassionate decision and keeping your word to activists around the globe!

Last Chance For Animals:
Air France’s Monkey Business

“Air France, the last major European airline to ship nonhuman primates, transports tens of thousands of primates every year for cruel and invasive animal experimentation.
For more information and other ways you can help, please visit:”

Air Cruelty: Inside the Labs of Two of the Largest U.S. Primate Importers

“Shocking undercover and whistleblower footage from inside the laboratories of Covance and Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), two of the largest importers of primates into the United States for use in cruel experiments.”

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