Upcoming Events:

Solidarity Action Against China Southern: LAX, 9/21/13


This action will be in solidarity with Kevin Olliff and Tyler Lang, two animal rights activists who are currently in jail and awaiting trial. Both of these activists feel passionately about this winnable campaign so come out and support the human and non-human primates who need our voices! Continue Reading . . .

Past Events

Demo at China Southern Headquarters in LA, Aug. 29th
Demo Against China Southern Airlines at LAX, Aug. 11th

On the evening of August 11th dozens of activists joined Empty Cages Los Angeles at a protest outside of the China Southern terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport.  The activists used signs, chants and distributed literature to the public to inform them of China Southern’s dealings in the vivisection industry.  Hundreds of leaflets were handed out to travelers that described China Southern’s past and present practice of shipping live primates from China to research laboratories all over the world.  One of China Southern’s customers approached an activist to thank them for informing him the the abuse and to say that he would not be traveling with the airline until they changed their live animal transport policy.  Activists and animal lovers all over the world are watching China Southern, make the compassionate decision or your customers are going to continue choosing to give their money to other airlines.

International Phone Action Against China Southern Airlines, July 24th

On July 24th Empty Cages LA organized another International Phone Action against China Southern Airlines. This Action resulted in hundreds of activists around the world calling into various China Southern offices demanding that they cut their ties with the vivisection industry and stop shipping primates immediately! More Info

Huge Airport Demo at LAX! July 13th

Over 50 activists descended upon the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX to speak up for the hundreds of thousands of primates transported by China Southern Airlines every year. Activists handed out nearly a thousand leaflets describing China Southern’s connection to the Vivisection industry and the horrors that go on inside labs. This was one of the largest demonstrations to happen in the US against airlines shipping primates to laboratories.

Office Invasion at China Southern LA Office – July 10th

On Wednesday, July 10th activists from Empty Cages Los Angeles invaded the offices of China Southern Airlines located at 6300 Whilshire Blvd. Suite #1510, Los Angeles, CA 90048.
As the one of the last airlines willing to ship primates to labs in North America and Europe, they have become a top priority for LA based activists.

Airport Demo Against China Southern,  June 14th

Activists arrived on the scene around 6PM wielding megaphones, literature and placards with images of the mutilated animals that are killed inside animal testing facilities as well as well as signs with slogans that read, “China Southern Kills Primates”. The demonstrators shouted chants threw the megaphones and spoke about the global primate trade, the atrocious experiments that are performed on non-human primates and the thousands of families that are torn apart when these beautiful creatures are caught in the wild and taken from there homes deep in the forest. The primates that are transported in the cargo holds of China Southern Airlines passenger planes will live out the rest of their lives inside of a tiny cage only to be taken out for painful experiments.
Read More at Gateway to Hell

Leafleting Against China Southern Airlines at LAX, June 6th

On June 6th a handful of LA based activists visited China Southern Airlines at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to inform the public about China Southern’s cruel policies. The activists held a banner that said, “China Southern Kills Primates” and passed out literature explaining China Southern’s decision to continue shipping primates to animal testing laboratories despite the outcry of the international animal rights community. Read More.

Phone Action Against China Southern Airlines, May 9th

On Thursday, May 9th, 2013 hundreds of compassionate activists from all around the world flooded China Southern Airline’s offices with phone calls demanding that they stop shipping primates for vivisection and follow the lead of industry leaders such as Air China, China Eastern, Air Canada, United Airlines, El Al Airlines, and many many more.
For more information on the action and a list of China Southern Numbers click Here.

Protest Against China Southern Airlines LA office, April 27th

On Tuesday, April 23rd , during World Week for Animals in Laboratories,  Southern California activists visited China Southern’s Los Angeles office located at 6300 Whilshire Blvd. Suite #1510, Los Angeles  CA 90048.
Activists discovered that China Southern Airlines have been importing primates into the United States through their Chicago cargo office, and with the recent and swift victories against China Eastern and Hainan
Airlines Los Angeles Activists decided to take action. Read More.

Benefit Screening for new Cove Guardians!

Empty Cages LA hosted a screening of The Cove as a benefit for Operation Cove Guardian 2013! An activist, Jack Potter will be going to Taiji Japan to be a part of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian project to defend the Taiji Dolphins that are slaughtered every year and we were able to help raise over $250 to help get him there!

Protest Against Trans Canada/ John Hancock Life Insurance Co. / Keystone XL pipeline, March 22nd.

Wrap up coming soon. Event Page with more information.

Demo Against Air France – KLM, March 17th

On Sunday March 17, 2013 dozens of activists held a demonstration outside
of the Air France/KLM cargo office in Los Angeles, California.  Air France
has become a top priority for Los Angeles animal rights activists due to
their involvement in the transport of live primates for research purposes. Read More.579194_10200256894496526_619774432_n

Victory! China Eastern Airlines No Longer Ships Primates!

After pressure from grassroots organizations such as Empty Cages LA, along with Gateway To Hell and PETA, China Eastern announced that as of March 1st, 2013 they will no longer ship Primates to be used for experiments in laboratories around the world. For more info read PETA’s article: Click Here


China Eastern Demo, Feb. 26th

On Tuesday, February 26th about 25 compassionate activists went to the main China Cargo/ China Eastern cago office at LAX, located at 5758 W Century Blvd., to demand that China Eastern stop shipping primates and other animals for laboratory experiments.Read More.DSC01243

Phone Action Against China Eastern Airlines, Feb. 19th

Empty Cages LA called for a global phone action against China Eastern Airlines/ China Cargo to occur on February 19th, 2013. China Eastern was the main importer of primates into the US, with most of those primates coming through LAX. On the 19th of February China Eastern’s offices all around the world were flooded with phone calls demanding that they cease shipping primates for good. Read More.

Phone Action to Free the Astra Dogs
January 29th, 2013

On January 29th AstraZeneca’s North American offices were flooded with phone calls after Empty Cages Los Angeles (ECLA) called for a call in against pharma giant and animal abuser AstraZeneca demanding that they release the 400 dogs that they planned to transport from Sweden to the UK to be tortured for cruel experiments. Numerous animal rescues such as Beagle Freedom Project have begged and pleaded with AstraZeneca to give them the beagles to be placed in loving homes. Read More.

Los Angeles and Seattle tackle Air France/KLM January 25th, 2013

groupshotnoedOn January 25, 2013, Los Angeles and Seattle activists held simultaneous demonstrations at the French Consulates in their respective cities. The consulates were the targets of these demonstrations because the French government owns 20% of Air France shares, nearly a quarter of the company. Read More.

Demonstration in Solidarity with Greek Anti-Fascists, January 19th, 2013.

On January 19th, 2013 members of Empty Cages LA and the Anarcho Treehouse Collective held a demonstration at the Greek consulate in Los Angeles located at 12424 Wilshire Blvd. as part of an international day of solidarity with Greek Anti-Fascist. This demonstration coincided with demonstrations in Athens, London, and New York against the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn. This demonstration was also held in solidarity with the Tinly Park Five. For more information on anti-racist/ anti-fascist organizing in North America check out ARA.

Always Anti-speciesist, always anti-fascist!


Air France Demo Report December 6th, 2012.

DSC_0048On Thursday December 6th, 2012 nearly 20 activists from the greater Los Angeles area gathered outside of Air France’s cargo office for a protest in honor of the global week of action. The activists used megaphones for chanting and monologues and carried signs with pictures of mutilated victims of vivisection. Read More.


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