Demo Report 10.06.14 – Educational Outreach Against the Seal Beach Coyote Cull


Seal Beach Educational Outreach 10.05.14

On Sunday October 5, 2014 dozens of compassionate activists assembled at the beginning of the historical Seal Beach pier. The activists were ready for a day of education and outreach about the plan to trap and gas coyotes in Seal Beach. Many activists handed out leaflets and engaged in dialogue with Seal Beach citizens who were eager to learn about the issue and take action.


Seal Beach Educational Outreach 10.05.14

Other activists held signs and banners urging Seal Beach residents to speak out against the coyote cull. At the end of the day hundreds of leaflets had been handed out, thoughtful dialogue had taken place and new activists had been created. Thank you to everyone who came out and gave this issue visibility!


Seal Beach Educational Outreach 10.05.14

Please join us next Sunday for another effective day of educational outreach, event will be posted soon on our Facebook page so stay tuned!


Group Shot 10.05.14