Seal Beach Coyotes

Seal Beach Outreach

Seal Beach Outreach

On Monday, September 29, 2014 the city of Seal Beach quietly voted in favor of a 4 week long coyote cull where any coyote unfortunate enough to wander into a cage would be gassed to death via carbon monoxide, a method that is illegal to use on companion animals. Empty Cages LA became privy to this information the night before the cull begun and a campaign was immediately launched to demand coexistence.

We are hoping to open a dialogue with the city of Seal Beach about a long-term, sustainable and non-lethal way of addressing the issues with the coyotes. We want to work towards creating a solution that is beneficial for the residents of Seal Beach, their animal companions and coyotes alike.

Resources on how to coexist with coyotes in addition to talking points for outreach:

Amy.ShannenPlease join us for educational outreach and city council meetings to speak out in favor of non violence!

We are advocating for:
-Hands-on training of advanced hazing techniques
-Resident behavior changes to adapt and coexist
-Rewilding coyote habitat
-Repairing points of entry into residential areas



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