Gateway to Hell

Gateway to Hell is a global anti-vivisection campaign comprised of a worldwide network of animal rights groups that carry out demonstrations, publicity stunts, conference disruptions and other types of protests against the vital transporters of animals from the breeders to the animal testing laboratories. Our groups are made up of a wide variety of people from all walks of life; anyone is welcome to come take part in our actions – so either get in contact with your local group or start your own and get active for the animals!

Why we do it

Gateway to Hell was formed as a response to the horrific cruelty and faulty science that surrounds animal experimentation. We take a tactical approach to ending this barbaric and outdated practice – by targeting the vital transport link in the middle of this corrupt and money-hungry supply chain.

No animals = No vivisection

Many animals, such as non-human primates, are bred in farms or captured from the wild on remote islands. For many laboratories, most of whom cannot breed their own primates, their only way to obtain the animals they desire is to import them from countries such as China, Mauritius, and Vietnam. By pressuring airline companies with the negative exposure that comes with the vivisection industry, this vital link can be removed and the monkeys cannot be obtained at all. Since there are so few airlines left who are willing to fly laboratory animals, this can sometimes also mean the closure of breeding farms if they cannot profit from selling animals.

Similarly, many laboratory animal suppliers breed genetically-specific animals. These animals have been bred over many generations to have a specific change in their DNA, making them tailored for specific experiments. Breeders creating various types of genetically-altered animals exist all over the world, making the need to fly the animals an absolute must. If this link is removed, it means a large portion of these experiments are simply not possible.

Campaigns & Targets

We take our message directly to the people who most need to hear it – particularly those involved in decision making. Our loud and lively demonstrations at airports, head offices, travel agencies and other locations are impossible to ignore! We also encourage people to write letters/e-mails or make phone calls to add pressure onto targets, letting them know the huge amount of public opposition to the lab animal trade and making them aware of the negative publicity that complicity with the vivisection industry brings.

Note: Empty Cages LA are not the organizers of the Gateway to Hell campaign – we simply promote and participate in it. We believe that working together with the international animal liberation community is necessary in order to achieve great change for animals. For more information on the campaign go to


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