Air France Demo Report – 8.9.14


On the afternoon of Saturday, August 9th fifteen activists returned to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to remind Air France of the following:

“Air France, we are here today to let you know we will not sit passively sending letters, signing petitions and making phone calls. We are here to hold you accountable, accountable for your unethical, violent and inhumane business practices.

We are here to hold you accountable, for being the FINAL remaining commercial airliner willing to ship animals, such as non human primates, dogs and cats to animal testing labs across the globe where they will endure a life of perpetual pain, torture and death.

Their lives are their own and their lives are important to them, just as our lives are important to us. It is an injustice, that a corrupt system of government allows lazy scientists to inflict such an overwhelming amount of suffering on innocent beings in return for a fat paycheck.

Did you know that 47 cents of every dollar of the National Institute of Health’s twelve-billion dollar annual budget goes towards animal experiments? So that universities, such as UCLA, can spend millions of tax payer dollars to addict the eleven known primates they hold hostage to substances such as nicotine, PCP and meth to prove they are addictive?! I think as a society we are fully aware that these substances are addictive. If you don’t already feel pain in your heart about this injustice, perhaps you feel pissed off that you are funding this money hungry industry, known as vivisection, without a say in the matter.

Please join us in ending this madness! Boycott Air France until they put into policy that they will no longer ship animals as cargo pieces beneath the feet of unsuspecting passengers to a life that we would not wish upon our worst enemies.”

10470942_10202621212236437_2182398281501793448_oThe message was understood loud and clear through loud vocal outreach, informative leaflets and heartbreaking signs informing the public about Air France’s involvement in animal abuse.


Air France, if you want some peace and rest cut your ties with animal tests!


This protest was also in support and solidarity with Kevin and Tyler and please don’t forget to join us for the Los Angeles demonstration during the National Weekend of Action Against the AETA.


Empty Cages Los Angeles will be returning August 30th to LAX with our good friends at Progress for Science on Day 10 of P4S Dear Monkey, 11 Days of Action for You and we could not be more excited to join forces in ending animal abuse!

Until ALL Are Free,

-Empty Cages Los Angeles


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