China Southern Office Protest, Day Two! 1.21.14

In the early morning of the 21st of January several activists descended on the office building where China Southern conducts business in Los Angeles.  Activists marched right up the front steps and educated the security guards and people in lobby about China Southern’s dirty dealings in vivisection.  The lobby has fantastic acoustics and the sound from the megaphones reverberated with pandemonium ensuring that everyone in the building knew that we were back a mere 16 hours after we had left the day before.  Employees from other companies in the building were definitely unhappy to be subjected to loud protests two days in a row, most notably the man who came down to rage at the activists for several while making foolish body gestures and throwing in sexist insults to boot.  We’re certain China Southern did not enjoy being the target of protests two days in a row, and we can guarantee they won’t like it when it happens again.  We will make sure China Southern never has a single day go by that they are not held accountable for the atrocities they commit against animals.  Make the smart choice China Southern, your productivity in the workplace depends on it.Image


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