Demo Report: December 5th 2013


On Thursday December 5th two ECLA supporters paid a short visit to China Southern Airlines office on Whilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. But while the presence of the activists was only brief the action left China Southern’s lobby echoing with the sound of a small personal alarm attached to a sign with a message that read “China Southern Stop Shipping Primates” floating at the top of their ceiling.

China Southern Airlines is one of 4 remaining airlines to deal with the vivisection industry. Every month they ship around 1,200 animals to laboratories around the world where they will be subjected to cruel experiments. Some of these labs include Charles River, Covance and Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the worst of the worst. In these labs animals have everything from house hold cleaning products to unleaded petrol and mushroom extract tested on them. In 2000 HLS killed 12,800 animals (including dogs, cats and primates) during the testing of sucralose, more commonly known as Splenda, an artificial coffee sweetener. If animal testing labs are willing to kill beagle puppies and marmoset monkeys for coffee sweetener why on earth is China Southern Airlines still willing to work with them?


Laboratories around the globe depend on commercial airliners to provide them with an inexpensive gateway for the animals to be transported from animal breeders that specialize in breeding animals for vivisection to the labs where the animals will be tested on. The bottom line is that without airliners willing to transport animals, the labs would be unable to perform their experiments. No animals = no experiments. For this reason we need to hit China Southern Airlines with everything we got!

Our message is clear: “China Southern Stop Shipping Primates”. Until our demands are met China Southern can expect many more actions like this one!

Rest be assured, we’ll be back, and we always win!


For more info go to:


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