Delta Airlines Demonstration @ LAX 11.27.2013

Empty Cages LA held a demonstration against Delta Airlines at LAX the night before Thanksgiving, the busiest traveling day of the year.  ECLA is putting pressure on Delta Airlines because of their strategic business partnership with Air France, one of the only two commercial airliners that continue to ship live primates to research laboratories.  Delta’s customers and their employees were caught off guard by the protest.  The employees became so flustered by the activists informing the public of their ties with the vivisection industry that they disabled all five of the automatic doors that lead into their terminal.  Their customers had to wait outside in the cold for an attendant to come and open the doors manually to let them in.  Delta proved to activists and the public that they are not proud of their association with Air France and the practice of shipping live primates.  Hundreds of leaflets were handed to Delta passengers who were eager to read more about what they can do to help animals.  We wonder which airline will be getting the business of animal lovers next time?  Delta, we are urging you to cut your ties with Air France, you must not be complicit in their violence.

This is only the beginning of the actions that Delta will be the target of.  The Bunny Alliance has launched a nation-wide protest tour against Delta and Air France starting at the end of this month.  Please support this tour financially and do your best to make it out to the protests in your city.  More information about the tour can be found at :



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